T-Bar Row



T-Bar Row

T-Bar Row Things to pay attention

It is a movement that has a lot of impact on the back, but it is just as difficult on the waist.
Try with an empty bar if possible on your first attempts.
It is unthinkable to focus on the waist, feet and hips.
You can also benefit by wearing a belt.
Which Brow Groups It Affects
In the T-Bar Row movement, the muscles are used as a movement, and the back shoulder muscles are used as the use.

T-Bar Row How To

In this movement, it reaches the weight of the target somehow.
Take the bar for yourself from your owners and take the bar from your soldiers.
Your products can be viewed so that they can be accessed. It could be a little more on the shoulder.
Hold the handles if you are not operating them on a V-Bar or machine. As you pull the exhaling weight plates until the beer touches them.
Focus more on your shoulder blades and wing muscles. In traction, your shoulder blades should touch each other.
Your last delivery is a slower oscillation than the time breath rate.
Do not deteriorate in some way by making movements, if it is deteriorating, it means that one dimension is too much.
The transition period to the unspecified time is ended.

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