Making French Press Filter Coffee


Coffee is one of the indispensables of athletes. In addition to its many benefits, one of the most important effects is that it gives energy. With its caffeine content, filter coffee is one of the coffees preferred as an energizer before sports. There are special machines for making filter coffee. In addition to the machines, you can filter it yourself with a filter or with a french press. Today, we will tell you how to make filter coffee that will double your energy before sports with the french press.

First of all, we fill our mug glass with water and pour it into the product we will use to boil it.
We are waiting for our water to boil.
After our water boils, we expect it to rest for 45-60 seconds.
After our boiling water rests, we pour the amount of coffee we want into the French Press. Usually 14 gr is used.
We pour boiling water over our coffee.
We stir our coffee with the help of a spoon.
We wait for the coffee to meet with the water for 5 minutes without putting the lid on and lowering the strainer.
After 5 minutes are up, we lower our strainer to the middle and start waiting for another 1.5 minutes.
After 1.5 minutes, we lower the strainer all the way.
Your coffee is ready. You can pour it into your cup and head to the gym.

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