Side Lunge



Side Lunge

Side Lunge Things to pay attention

Make sure your upper body is upright throughout the movement.
Keep your head facing forward during the movement.
Looking at the ground distracts you and you lose your balance.
Breathing significantly affects the number of repetitions in this movement.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The muscles affected by the Side Lunge movement are the front leg muscles, the hip muscles and the hind leg muscles.

Side Lunge How To

Your head should be facing straight ahead.
Your abdominal muscles should be tight and active.
The dominant load should be on the heel of the foot on which you will collapse.
Inhale, take a step to the side and start getting down on your knees.
After getting down on your knees, breathe out and get up.
Inhale again and begin to get down on your other knee.
You can also improve the movement by taking weights suitable for your hand.

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