Elevated Lunge



Elevated Lunge

Elevated Lunge Things to pay attention

Make sure your upper body is upright throughout the movement.
Keep your head facing forward during the movement.
Your knee should not go beyond your toes.
Avoid leaning your torso forward.
Do not take short steps. You need to make sure that your knees make 90 degrees.

Elevated Lunge Which Muscle Groups It Affects

The muscles that the Elevated Lunge movement affects are the front leg muscles, the hip muscles and the hind leg muscles.

Elevated Lunge How To

Take a step in front of you and take 1-2 steps ahead of the step.
Extend your left or right foot back onto the step.
Your toes should be on the step and your heels should be in the air.
We think you put your left foot. Bend your right knee and lower your body towards the floor.
Squat until both knees are at 90 degrees.
Squeeze your hips by holding the weight on your right leg.

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