Leg Curl



Leg Curl

Leg Curl Things to pay attention

Machine pads should be on the Achilles tendon.
The closer the pad is to the knee, the lower the load you will lift.
Make sure the pads touch your hips.
Tall people may come to the front of the machine a little more.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In the Leg Curl movement, primarily the hind leg muscles and secondarily the calf muscles work.

Leg Curl How It’s Made

With a suggestion, we recommend that you lay your towel on the machine before starting the action. You don’t want to be exposed to the sweat of the previous person.
First, determine the weight that suits you.
Adjust the pads of the machine so that they are just above the Achilles tendon.
Lie on the machine and rest your feet on the pads.
Grab the handles and, while exhaling, bend your legs back at an average pace.
The one who does this until the pads touch your hips. Focus on feeling the traction in your hind legs for this part.
When you reach the end point, start to release your feet more slowly by breathing.

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