Walking Lunge



Walking Lunge

Walking Lunge Things to pay attention

Your back knee should never touch the ground.
Your front knee should not exceed your toes.
Your feet should be parallel to each other.
Breathing significantly affects the number of repetitions in this movement.
Always make sure your upper body is in an upright position.
Keep your head facing forward during the movement.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Walking Lunge movement helps you work out your hips, calves and upper legs.

Walking Lunge How To

First, get the appropriate weights in your hands.
Your head should be upright and facing forward.
Activate your abdominal muscles by tightening them.
With one foot forward, the other should be behind at the level of the toes.
Slowly bend your other knee as you take a step forward.
After getting down on your knees, start to get up by exhaling.
Take your back foot one step ahead of your forward foot.
After that, start collapsing, breathing in again.

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