Seated Behind The Neck Press



Seated Behind The Neck Press

Seated Behind The Neck Press Things to pay attention

Sit back, no space.
With the bar behind your head, keep your forearm perpendicular to the ground.
Do not open your elbows fully.
You can open your legs for balance.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Seated Behind The Neck Press movement first affects the shoulder muscles and secondarily the back arm muscles.

Seated Behind The Neck Press How To

Bring the bench to its most upright position and fully recline.
Attach the weights that are suitable for you to the bar.
Take the bar you are wearing weights to your shoulder. Hold outward about an inch from shoulder width.
Lift the bar behind your head. If there is someone who can help, you can ask for help.
Exhale and push the bar up.
At the top, if your elbows are not fully open, if they are fully open, a load is placed on the joints.
Inhale and start lowering the bar more slowly. Lower it to ear level and raise it again while exhaling.
Do as many sets and repetitions as you set and end the movement.

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