Cable Crossover, Cable Fly



Cable Crossover, Cable Fly

Cable Crossover, Cable Fly Things to pay attention

In this movement, it is very important not to be egoistic and to catch the right form.
Instead of heavy loads, determine the weights that you can lift by giving their due.
Focus only on your chest muscles at the moment of compression. Inflate your breasts in traction and release.
While you are pulling at medium speed, you need to be slow during the swing. Thus, there is a tear in the muscles throughout the set.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Cable Crossover or Cable Fly movement primarily affects the chest muscles and secondarily the shoulder and arm muscles.

Cable Crossover, Cable Fly How To

On the cable cross machine, pull the pulleys up to your chest. Set a weight that is not too heavy.
Center the machine and step forward with your arms outstretched.
You may have one foot back for balance, but your upper body should be perfectly straight.
Exhale and fold your arms forward without bending them. Finally, focus on your chest muscles.
Try not to get help from your arm and shoulder muscles.
If you keep moving and your hands cross each other, the inner part of the chest muscles works. There is an opportunity to fill the space between your pectoral muscles.
With an exhale, open your arms to the sides at a slower than compression rate.
No matter how many repetitions you set and complete your move.

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