Machine Fly



Machine Fly

Machine Fly Things to pay attention

Your arms should be exactly parallel to the floor and your back should be against the pillow.
Your feet should be flat on the ground and may be slightly open.
Focus only on your chest muscles at the moment of compression.
While you are pulling at medium speed, you need to be slow during the swing. Thus, there is a tear in the muscles throughout the set.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
Machine Fly movement affects the chest muscles the most, and it also has a small effect on the biceps muscles.

Machine Fly How To

Set your ideal weight and machine.
Grasp the handles with your arms wide open and lean back fully.
As you exhale, bring your arms together at the extreme point at a moderate speed without bending your elbows.
When you reach the end point, open slowly by breathing and again without bending the elbows.
At the end of the opening moment, stretch your chest muscles well.
Without waiting, continue to close your arms again.
Focus on your chest muscles throughout the exercise and squeeze as hard as you can.
Do as many repetitions and complete your move.

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