Incline Barbell Bench Press


Incline Barbell Bench Press

Incline Barbell Bench Press Things to pay attention

If the part you want to work on is the sides of the upper chest, keep the bar wide, and if you want to work the insides, keep the bar narrow.
The elbow should not be locked at the top of the movement because if you do this, you will steal from the weight and elbow injuries may occur.
If you’ve moved to a new weight, ask for help, but let him help you with the final reps. Let him push you to the end.
If you squeeze the bench with the inner leg muscles, all the muscles will be contracted. Your pushing becomes more comfortable.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In the Incline Barbell Bench Press movement, the chest muscles work primarily as in the Barbell Bench Press movement. It also works the shoulder and triceps muscles.

Incline Barbell Bench Press How To

Ideal weights for the athlete are attached to the bar.
Lie on your back on the coffee table, which is prepared at 45-60 degrees.
The feet should be flat on the ground and the toes should point straight ahead.
Depending on the person’s shoulder width, the bar can be held a few inches from the inside or outside of the lines on the top.
If the position is correct, the bar is lowered slowly towards the chest by breathing in.
If the bar is lowered slowly, the triceps muscles also work effectively.
Before the bar touches the chest, push the bar up, exhaling a few inches before it touches the chest.
When you reach the apex, inhale and lower the bar back to your chest.

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