Cable Shrug



Cable Shrug

Cable Shrug Things to pay attention

Avoid rounding your shoulders.
If you have shoulder pain, definitely do not do it, you may get injured.
Make sure you keep your back straight.
Raise your shoulders as high as possible.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Cable Shrug is a movement that affects the shoulders and trapezius.

Cable Shrug How To

In the cable machine, pull the apparatus to the bottom.
Attach a bar at your shoulder width. Then stand one step ahead of the machine.
You can bend your knees very slightly to protect your lower back. Your abdominal muscles should be tight.
Keep the bar you tied to the reel at waist level.
Begin to slowly shrug your shoulders towards your ears and at the same time tighten your muscles.
Tighten your muscles at the top of the position, hold for 1 second and slowly lower the weight.

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