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What Is Victor Martinez Height?

Victor Martinez’s height is 175 centimeters.

What Is Victor Martinez Weight?

Victor Martinez weighs 115kg.

Where is Victor Martinez from?

Victor Martinez is from the Dominican Republic.

Victor Martinez Date of Birth?

Victor Martinez was born on July 29, 1973.

How Old Is Victor Martinez?

Victor Martinez is 49 years old.

Victor Martinez Biography and Life

Victor Martinez was born on July 29, 1973 in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic. He moved from his homeland to New York, USA as a child and grew up in the Washington Heights area. He went to school there and did various sports. Victor’s competitive nature was noticed by his coach, who invited Víctor to play football for his high school team. Besides playing football, Victor also played baseball and basketball. Later, he started bodybuilding as he mostly watched WWF Wrestling.

After graduating from high school, Víctor’s priorities completely changed. He became addicted to the bodybuilding lifestyle and started thinking about racing.

Víctor knew he had to develop his physique further to compete in the sport of bodybuilding. That’s why he started working meticulously. In the end, consistent hard work paid off for Víctor, and at 19 he was ready for his first competition.

It was time for Elmo’s debut at the Gym in 1993, and Víctor’s body proved enough to get him into #1 in the junior division. After the show, Víctor said he was happy and felt ready for bigger challenges.

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He appeared in his 2nd show in 1994, where he was disappointed after placing 27th. At this point, Víctor decided to stop racing for a while to focus on improving his missing body parts. Returning 3 years later and winning both the 1997 NPC New Jersey Suburban State Bodybuilding Competition and the 1997 NPC New York Metropolitan Championship, Víctor proved to be a great decision.

Two years after the success of the NPC New York Metropolitan Championship in 1999, Martínez appeared on the show for the first time, where he placed 27th. He took 16th place. It was significantly better than the previous result, but still far from successful.

The following year was one of the most important years in his bodybuilding career for Víctor; Started by winning the 2000 NPC Junior USA heavyweight category. Víctor’s success in the NPC Junior USA show placed him well in the eyes of the public, which was his biggest opportunity to get his Pro Card. After several months of preparation and hard work, Víctor competed in the NPC Nationals and was declared among the top 30 physiques of the USA in both the heavyweight and overall category. This win made Víctor the 2nd bodybuilder from the Dominican Republic to win his Pro Card. He was then able to compete in the IFBB PRO league.

The result of Víctor’s first professional competition came at the IFBB Night of Champions in 2001 and took home 8th place. During the few years after his debut, Victor made significant progress both in his physique and in his results on stage.

In 2003, Víctor won the IFBB Night of Champions and entered his first Olympia the following year, finishing 9th. In that year, he won the IFBB GNC Show of Strength Pro Championship before taking 5th place at the Arnold Classic a few months later.

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2007 was one of the most successful years in Víctor’s professional career. He won the Arnold Classic that year and finished second at the 2007 Mr. Olympia as he lost to Jay Cutler. Still, many believe that Víctor should come first. In 2008, Víctor injured his left patellar tendon while training. The injury, that year Mr. It prevented him from competing at the Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

Over the years, Mr. As for the Olympia results, Víctor seemed destined to win the prestigious competition, but he was unlucky from the start. His best results were 3rd at the 2006 Mr. Olympia and 2nd in 2007.

During 2010-2016, Víctor entered 12 more competitions. He won the Arnold Classic Madrid in 2011 and 2 years later competed in the New York Pro Championship and Toronto Pro Supershow, taking 2nd and 1st place respectively.

At 40, Víctor has shown no signs of slowing down despite his age, while still reaping great results. Ranked 8th at the 2014 IFBB Olympia and 4th at the Arnold Classic that same year, Víctor has proven to everyone that “age is just a number” even when it comes to the most elite competitions. After Olympia’s 9th place finish in 2015, Víctor took some time off the stage and did not compete in Mr. Olympia 2016, but returned at the end of the year and won the IFBB Baltimore Pro.

With all his success in the bodybuilding world and his 20-year career, Víctor has firmly established himself as one of the true legends of the sport. As Victor said; “A bad day can be made better by going to the gym.”

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Outside of the bodybuilding scene, Víctor is the owner of a food preparation company, sponsored athlete, and a popular figure on social media sites. He has 2 sons named Jared and Justin and 3 daughters named Zayde, Victoria and Vivian.

Víctor was arrested in 2011 after returning to the US after winning the Arnold Classic Madrid. His residence permit had expired and was not renewed in 2004 due to the problems he suffered when he was accused of selling steroids. However, one year

Subsequently, Víctor was granted permission to stay in the United States and was freed from all charges.

Besides his business relationship, Víctor is also known as a human rights activist. He has frequently participated in various campaigns involving helping children with autism and has shown his humble demeanor to many people.

Victor Martinez Contests and Awards Won

2001 IFBB Champions Night, 8.

2002 IFBB Arnold Classic, 13th

2002 IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational, 9th

2003 IFBB Night of Champions, 1.

2004 IFBB Olympia, 9th

2004 IFBB GNC Show of Strength Pro Championship, 1st.

2005 IFBB Arnold Classic, 7th

2005 IFBB New York Pro Championship, 3rd place

2005 IFBB Olympia, 5th

2005 IFBB San Francisco Pro Invitational, 5.

2006 IFBB Arnold Classic, 3rd place

2006 IFBB Olympia, 3.

2007 IFBB Arnold Classic, 1.

2007 IFBB Olympia, 2.

2009 IFBB Arnold Classic, 2.

2009 IFBB Olympia, 6.

2010 IFBB Olympia, 8th

2011 IFBB Arnold Classic, 3rd place

2011 IFBB Olympia, 4th

2011 IFBB Arnold Classic Madrid, 1.

2013 IFBB New York Pro Championship, 2.

2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Super Show, 1.

2013 IFBB Olympia, 11.

2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Madrid, 5th

2014 IFBB Olympia, 8th

2014 IFBB Arnold Classic, 4th

2015 IFBB Olympia, 9th

2016 IFBB Baltimore Pro, 1.

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