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What is Avni Yıldırım Height?

Avni Yıldırım is 182 centimeters tall.

What is Avni Yıldırım Weight?

Avni Yıldırım weight’s 80kg.

Avni Yıldırım Wingspan

Avni Yıldırım wingspan is 178 centimeters.

Avni Yıldırım Weight Category

Avni Yıldırım is a super middleweight, lightweight heavyweight.

Where’s Avni Yıldırım from?

Avni Yıldırım is Turkish.

Avni Yıldırım Birth Date

Avni Yıldırım was born on August 5, 1991.

How old is Avni Yıldırım?

Avni Yıldırım is 31 years old.

Avni Yıldırım Nickname is

The nickname Avni Yıldırım is MR Robot

Avni Yıldırım Score

Avni Yıldırım score 12 is knockout 21 wins, 1 are knockout 1 losses.

Avni Yıldırım Biography and life

Avni Yıldırım was born on August 5, 1991 in Sivas. He is also known by the nickname “Mr. Robot” in his career. Avni Yıldırım, who started in 2005 when she was only 14 years old, enters the ring in the light heavyweight division. He won the WBC Youth Intercontinental Championship in his third match in Antalya in 2015. He won the WBC Silver Seniors Intercontinental Belt by defeating Glen Johnson in his 6th game that same year. In November 2016, he fought Schiller Hyppolite in Germany and knocked out his opponent in the 3rd round to win the WBC International Championship and also qualify for the World Championship match. Avni Yıldırım, who also won his first 16 games, suffered his first loss of his career by knocking out in the 3rd round in the quarter-finals of the Muhammed Ali Cup in October 2017. Avni Yıldırım has 21 wins (12 knockouts) and 2 losses in 23 games in his career.

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