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What is Arya Saffaie’s Height?

Arya Saffaie’s height is 170 centimeters.

What is Arya Saffaie’s Weight?

Arya Saffaie weighs 70kg.

Where is Arya Saffaie from?

Arya Saffaie is American.

Arya Saffaie Date of Birth

Arya Saffaie was born on July 14, 1983.

How Old Is Arya Saffaie?

Arya Saffaie is 39 years old.

Arya Saffaie Biography and Life

Born in Redondo Beach (California), Arya Saffaie started working with her father and professional bodybuilding brother, Mike Saffaie, when she was 5 years old. Her brother forced her to lift a light barbell and from then on she was hooked. By the age of 12, he was doing 100 push-ups every night, and at 15 he attended gym class at his school. He was lifting weights every day with his friends. When he dropped out of high school at 17, he weighed 77 pounds and was bench pressing twice his body weight. He broke the school record of 154kg, which he still holds today. While some of her friends at school were using steroids to improve their physique, Arya chose to oppose chemical enhancement altogether. That’s why he says building competitive-ready physics is definitely not an overnight job. Even so, she says she always feels better by taking the natural route. Arya’s ascent from the bottom up was extremely rapid. He started competing in his first amateur shows in 2013 and made his professional debut at Olympia in 2014. The competition that earned him the Pro Card and started this journey was the NPC USA Championship. Winning this competition was a real shock for him as he admitted that his preparations could have been better. Finally, in less than 3 months of training, he passed from the amateur level to the Professional level.

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He still had a long way to go to reach the Mr. Olympia Stage. In preparation for the big day, he competed in the IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro – promoted to 1st place. Although he did not fare well in the Olympia competition when he finally competed, he greatly enjoyed the process. Arya Saffaie has 185k followers on Instagram with the username arya_saffaie.

Arya Saffaie Contests and Awards Won

2013 NPC Amateur Grand Prix Los Angeles, 3rd

2013 NPC Amateur Grand Prix Los Angeles, 1.

2013 NPC USA Championship, 1.

2014 IFBB Mile High Pro, 4th

2014 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro, 1.

2014 IFBB Titans Grand Prix Pro, 3rd place

2014 Olympia Physique, 14.

2016 Olympia Men’s Physique, 16th.

2017 Olympia Men’s Physique, 16th.

2017 Contest of Champions Men’s Physique, 3.

2019 Governor’s CUp Pro Male Physique, 4.

2019 LA Grand Prix Pro Men’s Physique, 1.

2019 Salt City Showdown Pro Men’s Physique, 2.

2019 California Night of Champions Pro Male Physique, 8.

2019 Desrt Pro Male Physique, 3.

2019 Olympia Men’s Physique, 16th.

2020 Southeast Texas Pro Men’s Physique, 3.

2020 Optimum Classic Pro Men’s Physique, 2.

2020 New York Pro Men’s Physique, 1.

2020 Olympia Men’s Physique, 16th.

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