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What is Danielle Robertson Height?

Danielle Robertson’s height is 180 centimeters.

What is Danielle Robertson Weight?

Danielle Robertson weighs 55kg.

Where is Danielle Robertson from?

Danielle Robertson is from Australia.

Danielle Robertson Date of Birth

Danielle Robertson was born on September 26, 1994.

How Old Is Danielle Robertson?

Danielle Robertson is 28 years old.

Danielle Robertson is Known as Instagram

Danielle Robertson, known by her Instagram name, is dannibelle.

Danielle Robertson Biography and Life

Danielle Robertson‘s passion for competitiveness was born after an unusual event. During the elementary school cross country carnival, Danielle’s best friend suggested that they do a race together “because it would be a lot more fun”.

What Danielle’s friend didn’t tell her was that she was going to cheat by running the last 50 meters of the race just to win. In Danielle’s own words;

“My best friend (at the time) suggested that we should run the race together because that would be ‘much more fun’… until the last 50 meters, until I decided to go on a sprint for the sake of winning (at a moment’s immature level) by severing all friendship ties. “

Seeing what her friend was doing, Danielle was extremely angry and disappointed. It was in that moment of disbelief that Danielle realized she would never settle for second place again. After developing her competitive sense, Danielle began becoming a track and field athlete. It didn’t take long for him to excel in the sport. She became one of the best young athletes in her field. For over a decade Danielle has had a strong passion for athletics and sport. During this time, she worked hard at the gym to maintain a strong, fit and fast body. Danielle’s passion for fitness and weight training gradually grew stronger. Eventually, she became interested in exercising full-time as a personal trainer. Danielle’s path to achieving her fitness goals was very easy. She was studying to become a criminologist during this time. This took a lot of free time from Danielle but still kept working hard at the gym to build a strong and fit body. She also tried to get her personal trainer certification and eventually she succeeded. Danielle’s love of fitness eventually led to her creating social media accounts where she shared content related to health, wellness and lifestyle. With her amazing pictures and videos, Danielle quickly attracted countless followers to her pages. That number has continued to rise as it slowly rises to the top of the fitness scene in Australia. Danielle Robertson has 1 million followers on Instagram with the username dannibelle and 114 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

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