Turkey Meatballs Recipe


Everyone wants to eat low-calorie and long-lasting meals during dieting. One of these foods is, of course, turkey breast. It contains high level of protein. It is really low in calories due to the low fat it contains. Of course, it is a dry meat and we cannot say that it is very tasty. The recipe that we will give today will make the turkey breast tastier. Let’s get to the schedule.


500 grams turkey breast
1 handful of parsley
half onion
3 pieces of meat
1 egg
A little olive oil


First, we cut the turkey breast into small pieces. After chopping, we grind it with a blender. Then we throw our meat into the blender and grind it. After pulling these out, we get our cutting board. Finely chop the parsley and onion on the board. Then we mix the prepared ingredients. Then, we prepare meatballs in such a way that we get 11 from the mixture we prepared. We take our debt and arrange the meatballs we have prepared beautifully. We put a little oil on them. We bake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees until well browned. One of the meatballs is worth about 65 calories. You can create a nice meal by eating plenty of salad with this dish. For informational purposes, if you keep your turkey in the freezer and pull it out, it will become more comfortable ground meat. Bon Appetit.

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