Shakshuka Recipe


As always, vegetables are in mind when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. Many of these foods are high in fiber, low in calories and are known as vitamin stores. Of course, consuming salad-style meals all the time can make you nauseous. That’s why we came to you with a very delicious recipe that tastes like frying. Let’s get started with our recipe.


2 zucchini
2 eggplants
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Black pepper
1 tomato
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of tomato paste


The first thing we need to do is of course wash our vegetables well. After washing, we cut our zucchini into slices. After peeling our eggplant, we also slice it into slices. We take our chopped vegetables in a bowl and add olive oil, salt and pepper to them and mix well. After mixing, we put our zucchini in the toaster and fry them respectively. Then we put our eggplants in the toaster and fry them. We arrange our fried vegetables on a plate nicely. We pass our tomatoes and garlic through the blender. We put our tomato and garlic in the pot with our tomato paste. We boil it well and pour it over the vegetables we have lined up. You can also put yogurt on top of them if you want. Bon Appetit.

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