Sesame Omelet Recipe


We are here with a very nice bagel-like omelet. If you want to add color and joy to your breakfast, you should definitely try this recipe. It’s really simple to make. Even if you are a lazy person, there will be a recipe you will want to make every morning after you make it. Along with this recipe, you can consume light greens and it will be a really great meal. We can go to the recipe.


1 tablespoon sesame
1 large cheddar slice
1 egg
eye of salt


It will be a recipe that we will prepare very simply. We take a pan on our stove. We grease the pan with the help of a napkin. To avoid sticking. We throw our sesame seeds into the pan and fry them until they turn color. After we get the color, we give the bagel shape. After getting a round shape like a bagel, we sprinkle grated cheddar on sesame seeds and wait for the cheddar to melt. Once the cheddar is melted, it will hold the sesame seeds together. After the cheddar has melted, we break our egg in the middle of our round shape. With the help of a spoon, we pierce the egg white and let it cook well. After we realize that it is cooked, we fold the sesame parts upwards with the help of a fork. So it will be like a bagel. Of course, spices can be added optionally, but on condition that it is not exaggerated. Bon Appetit.

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