Neal Maddox


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What is Neal Maddox Height?

Neal Maddox’s height is 178 centimeters.

What is Neal Maddox Weight?

Neal Maddox weighs 102kg.

Where is Neal Maddox from?

Neal Maddox is American.

Neal Maddox Date of Birth

Neal Maddox was born on October 27, 1977.

How Old Is Neal Maddox?

Neal Maddox is 45 years old.

Neal Maddox Biography and Life

Neal Maddox has always had an innate passion for sports. He was one of their team’s top athletes during school and throughout college. Neal held most of the weightlifting records and naturally this made him popular with his peers who sought training advice from him. Before I knew it, Neal’s passion for coaching was born. Neal started his coaching career during college. He started by working with individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, Down syndrome, and other disabilities. As word spread about his great work, Neal was invited to help develop a PE curriculum for several elementary schools in Oregon. Around this time, Neal graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. From there, besides being a coach, he joined the NFL and opened a new chapter in his life.

Neal’s childhood dream was now coming true. Initially, Neal was excited to start a career in the NFL. However, the excitement was short lived. During the months playing in the NFL, Neal got some serious injuries. This leads to his early exit from the sport. Needless to say, Neal wasn’t happy about having to cut his NFL career short. But he moved on and decided to shift his focus to coaching.

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Shortly after that, Neal went on to become chief fitness director at a well-known gym. There, he worked on coaching clients as well as developing other personal trainers. As Neal’s reputation in the fitness coaching community grew, so did his ambitions. In 2006 he decided to open his own gym. Neal also began coaching high school athletes. Some went to the NFL themselves. In 2009, Neal took up a new challenge in the form of CrossFit after hearing about the sport from a friend. The competitive nature of CrossFit and the sheer mental and physical challenges were fascinating to Neal. So much so that he went on to earn his CrossFit certifications and was a judge at the 2009 Crossfit Games in California.

A year later, Neal became a CrossFit competitor by participating in the first CrossFit Games. For the next 6 years, Neal continued to compete in the sport as well as growing his name as a coach. He qualified for the CrossFit Games multiple times and was the oldest individual athlete each year. By 2013, Neal had become a recognized face in the CrossFit industry. Both as a competitor and as a training instructor.

Over the next few years he coached more than 150 seminars and had a positive impact on the lives of many through his personal training. Although Neal has reached incredible heights since the beginning of his journey, he is always trying to achieve more. Despite facing numerous setbacks such as continual injuries, Neal always made the best out of any situation. Her story is undoubtedly an inspiration for anyone who wants to overcome their own difficulties in life. Neal Maddox has 63k followers on Instagram with the username nealmaddox.

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