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What is Mike O’Hearn’s Height?

Mike O’Hearn’s height is 191 centimeters.

What is Mike O’Hearn’s Weight?

Mike O’Hearn weighs 115kg.

Where is Mike O’Hearn from?

Mike O’Hearn is American.

Mike O’Hearn Date of Birth

Mike O’Hearn was born on January 26, 1969.

How Old Is Mike O’Hearn?

Mike O’Hearn is 53 years old.

Mike O’Hearn Biography and Life

Born in 1969, Mike O’hearn has had a successful career in the modeling and fitness industry for over 30 years. He has been Mr. 4 times. Universe and 4-time California Powerlifting Champion, Strongman and California Judo Champion. He has appeared on over 500 magazine covers and starred as the “Titan” Team Captain in American Gladiator. He is also the spokesperson and Team Captain of Bodybuilding.com. Mike’s father was a football player and bodybuilder, and his mother was an artist. “I believe you should always live your dream in this life,” Mike says. The youngest of a large family of 10, Mike was always loved by his siblings. His entire family, including his sisters, were either bodybuilders or powerlifters. So, Mike, the youngest, strove to stand out among his family. “As the youngest child, I was usually a punching bag. So you tell me, if I didn’t start, what the hell would I do? But most of all, I’m a big dumb guy who loves his dogs and always smiles at a stranger. “ Not only is Mike a star in the world of fitness and sports, he often helps others with charities and looks after dogs at places like the Good Dog Aminal Rescue Center in Los Angeles. “This is my passion, everything I can do to help misplaced dogs. I just have a bond with animals, especially dogs. ” Mike O’Hearn has 1.9m followers on Instagram with the username mikeohearn.

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Mike O’Hearn Contests and Awards Won

2015 NPC Washington Ironman 1

2015 NPC Idaho Muscle Classic NP

1997 INBA Natural Universe Bodybuilding Championship 1.

1997 INBA Natural Universe Bodybuilding Championship 1.

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