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What is Devin Physique Height?

Devin Physique is 173 centimeters tall.

What’s Devin Physique Weight?

Devin Physique weighs 83kg.

Where’s Devin Physique from?

Devin Physique is American.

Devin Physique Date of Birth

Devin Physique was born on June 13, 1990.

Devin Physique Real Name

Devin Physique is his real name Devin Zimmerman.

Devin Physique Biography and Life

Devin Physique, aka Devin Zimmerman, was born and raised in Chino Hills, California. In his youth, Devin was known as the “youngest kid in class”, something that continued throughout high school. Because of this, Devin quickly started showing self-confidence issues.

During her high school years, Devin ran track and field and cross-country running, using these sports as a starting point for her low self-esteem. Devin; “People questioned me all the time. I was so young I ran cross country and gained about 52 pounds during high school. Getting into the fitness center and lifting weights was the last thing on my mind, the gym scared me. “

Then one day, Devin was woken up by his female friend. Devin asked her friend for an honest opinion on her appearance. His friend replied with brutal honesty. She told Devin that she looked “sick and skinny.”

Devin took his friend’s words extremely seriously and from then on he decided to improve his physique. As Devin said; “His brutal honest opinion of my appearance really changed my direction and basically forced me to hit the gym.” At the age of 19, Devin, weighing 53 kg, began his fitness transformation. During her time in college, Devin stopped running around the country to focus on bodybuilding. After graduating, he returned to Chino Hills, where he started working two jobs.

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Needless to say, working two jobs among other responsibilities made Devin’s bodybuilding journey difficult. However, Devin made no excuses. He said: “No matter the number of responsibilities on my plate, I always made time to study.”

Thanks to his perseverance, Devin advanced rapidly in both strength and size. However, there were many more obstacles to overcome on his journey. During her time in Chino Hills, Devin lived with people who didn’t support her fitness goals. These people often made negative comments towards Devin and were trying to get her down. However, Devin overlooked every negative comment she received.

“It was hard to discover the people who really supported my lifestyle change, but I still stayed focused.”

Devin’s strong mindset, along with his determination to reach his fitness goals, has helped him eventually achieve his physical transformation and much more.

In 2012, Devin opened her social media pages. He began uploading pictures of his progress online, hoping to inspire people along the way. What happened next was something Devin didn’t expect. A large number of people started commenting on his photos and praising his progress. Moreover, Devin started gaining followers who sent him inspirational messages. Many began to thank Devin for motivating them to start their own fitness transformation. As a result, Devin soon established himself as a social media phenomenon. By 2017, he had reached an army of people with fitness advice. It has continued to grow in success, recognition and fame ever since. Devin Zimmerman has 1.5 million followers on Instagram under the username devinphysique.

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