Tatiana Girardi


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What is Tatiana Girardi’s Height?

Tatiana Girardi’s height is 163 centimeters.

What is Tatiana Girardi’s Weight?

Tatiana Girardi weighs 62kg.

Where is Tatiana Girardi from?

Tatiana Girardi is from Colombia.

Tatiana Girardi Date of Birth

Tatiana Girardi was born on August 5, 1976.

How Old Is Tatiana Girardi?

Tatiana Girardi is 46 years old.

Tatiana Girardi Full Name

Tatiana Girardi full name is Tatiana Ussa Girardi.

Tatiana Girardi Biography and Life

Tatiana Girardi is a crossfit athlete and social media phenomenon from Cali, Colombia. She is known for her dedication to the Crossfit training approach as well as her participation in figure competitions around the world.

Growing up, Tatiana wanted to stay in shape, but she did do too much cardio for fear of getting bulky, she says. After She learned more about crossfit, she decided to incorporate it into her workout routine. He saw results immediately.

As her body developed, she started to attract attention and compete on social media. Arnold Classic Brasil, Mr. She posed at Olympia Las Vegas and Expofitness Colombia. She also spread to GQ magazine; behind this exposure is she on Colombian television.

Today, Tatiana continues her fitness journey with a growing fan base of millions. She aims to help as many women as she can; she inspires them to completely change their views on weightlifting and fitness. Tatiana Girardi has 2 million followers on Instagram under the username tatianaugirardi.

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