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What Is Ben Pakulski Height?

Ben Pakulski’s height is 178 centimeters.

What Is Ben Pakulski Weight?

Ben Pakulski weighs 130-140kg.

Where is Ben Pakulski from?

Ben Pakulski is Canadian.

Ben Pakulski Date of Birth

Ben Pakulski was born on March 18, 1981.

How Old Is Ben Pakulski?

Ben Pakulski is 41 years old.

Ben Pakulski Nicknames

Ben Pakulski nicknames: The Pak-Man, Big Ben

Ben Pakulski Full Name

Ben Pakulski full name is Benjamin “Ben” Pakulski.

Ben Pakulski Biography and Life

Ben Pakulski grew up as a very athletic kid. As a child, he did as much sports as possible with his friends. His first memory of being interested in fitness came when he read some information about vegetarianism at the age of 12. He tried vegetarian food for two years and had the opportunity to taste new vegetables. Ben Pakulski says he became more competitive as he started growing at age 15. He was a top athlete in his school at the time, so he started looking for a way to beat his peers. Hoping to find that advantage, she began weight training at age 15. He really got stronger but didn’t have the ideal bodybuilding genetics. Discussing these fundamentals, she says: “I’m not like Phil Heath who just looks at the weight and gets blown away. I cut my work for myself! Because of this awareness, he began researching bodybuilding technique as much as he could. She also bought and read books on nutrition and exposure, hoping to create the body of her dreams and one day compete with the best. The gym was Mack’s in Toronto, which was an important facility and well-known place during the ’90s and 2000s. He signed his first sponsorship contract at the age of 18. He got a contract to appear in promotional ads of a popular company.

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Ben Pakulski started watching professional events at the age of 17 when his father took him to the ‘Night of Champions’ competition between Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman. Watching a show like this convinced Ben that the professional bodybuilding world was for him. He also got inspired by watching other men working out at the gym. He says he was that skinny kid watching from across the gym at the time. Other guys lifted heavy weights, so he lifted heavy weights. After two years of training, Ben Pakulski says he’s ready to let his dad come to the gym and watch him squat. He says he squatted especially well with his father that day and lifted 184kg for 3 sets of 8 reps. His father was so impressed with his dedication and dedication to the sport that he surprised him by taking him to work with Scott Abel, one of Toronto’s leading bodybuilding trainers. This was a life-changing event for Ben Pakulski, as he could now learn from the best.

Ben Pakulski trained with Scott for months and gradually began to gain confidence in his abilities in the sport. He prepared for the 2008 Canadian Championship by preparing his nutrition and training in detail. After a rough workout, Ben posed against some of Canada’s best bodybuilders in the super heavyweight category. He won the whole show – making his name known to the world by taking the #1 trophy. This also meant that he earned his pro card to become a professional bodybuilder who could compete at his best. After this win, Ben Pakulski knew he had to make a move to continue his career. He knew at the time that Canada was not the best place for a bodybuilder. Most of the people were more concerned with Ice Hockey or winter sports in his mind. In fact, she says, bodybuilding is generally not welcome across the country, as academic success comes before athletics for the majority. Therefore, he decided to move to California, the home of international bodybuilding and where he knew he would be respected. In 2009, Ben Pakulski managed to win his first competition in the USA. After settling in California, she found a gym and started working hard for Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Tampa. He succeeded in taking the 3rd place in this competition, where he had an excellent success in his first professional show. Thanks to this event, he also received an invitation to the 2009 Mr. Olympia Weekend. Ben would ultimately choose to decline this grand invitation, because the diet and work needed would have detracted from his 2010 outlook. It was clear at this stage that he had made smart career moves early on. In the 2010s, Ben really left a mark in the bodybuilding world. He joined Olympia in 2012 and finished 11th, but finished 2nd at the 2012 Flex Pro, 2nd at the 2013 Arnold Classic, and 1st at the 2016 Vancouver Pro Show.

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Ben’s success during this period would ultimately attract a lot of media attention. Its massive size and strength caught the attention of mainstream bodybuilding magazines like the hugely popular ‘Muscle Insider’. In the 2012 issue of the magazine, the editor placed Ben on the front cover. While the front cover is usually reserved for Olympia Winners, they made an exception when they announced that they put him on the front cover because he is Canada’s Number One bodybuilder. While making his mark as an internationally renowned bodybuilder, he was also studying for a degree in Kinesiology (the mechanics of body movement) at the University of Western Ontario. Ben claims on his website that this work allowed him to develop a “smart and healthy approach to bodybuilding.” After graduating, he started giving seminars and coaching bodybuilders. He started writing a book on bodybuilding and nutrition in 2012. He hopes that everyone can benefit from reading, regardless of their level.

Ben Pakulski Contests and Awards Won

September 2008 – Canadian Championship Overall Winner and Pro Card Victory in Montreal Quebec.

August 2009 – (First Professional Show) – Weekly Pro Bodybuilding, Tampa – 3rd.

May 2010 – New York Pro – 7.

February 2011 – FLEX Pro – 5.

March 2011 – Arnold Classic – 10.

March 2011 – Australia Pro – 4.

February 2012 – Flex Pro – 2.

March 2012 – Arnold Classic – 4.

September 2012 – Mr. Olympia – 11.

March 2013 – Arnold Classic – 2.

March 2014 – Arnold Classic – 7.

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March 2015 – Arnold Classic – 8.

June 2016 – Toronto Pro Show – 4.

July 2016 – Vancouver Pro Show – 1.

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