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What’s the height of Bethany Tomlinson?

Bethany Tomlinson is 160 centimeters tall.

What’s the Bethany Tomlinson Weight?

Bethany Tomlinson weighs 56kg.

Where’s Bethany Tomlinson from?

Bethany Tomlinson is from England.

Bethany Tomlinson Date of Birth

Bethany Tomlinson was born on 1996.

How old is Bethany Tomlinson?

Bethany Tomlinson is 26 years old.

Bethany Tomlinson known Name

Bethany Tomlinson is known as beth_fitnessuk in instagramda.

Bethany Tomlinson Biography and life

Unlike other women, Bethany’s story did not begin with being overweight or an eating disorder. He was unhappy with his skinny physique. Bethany Tomlinson naturally felt that her broad shoulders made her look disproportionate, and this negatively affected her confidence and self-esteem. At this point, his self-confidence was so low that he didn’t feel comfortable in most clothes except baggy T-shirts. After he started to weigh himself, he became even more aware of how thin he was. As a result, his mood really bottomed out and he realized that he was treating his family and friends in a contemptible manner. Bethany talks about her struggles: “When I started weighing myself, that’s when I lost some control. I would be weighed every morning and it would fluctuate. “I was eating all this junk food hoping I would gain weight, my mood was bad, I was just bad towards my parents and I had no energy, my brain function was bad” “I used to cry almost every day to weigh myself, and it became an unhealthy obsession.” A year before Bethany graduated from high school, she faced some life-altering events. His father was diagnosed with cancer, which further aggravated his trust issues. Bethany entered another difficult period of her life with the death of her father. However, this lit a spark in him and he decided to fight his problems. “I was determined to do something for myself, to run the University, and to make him proud. He always wanted me to go to college and was actually getting a degree himself – he was an incredibly smart guy. He was my number 1 fan for everything in life, for everything I did and for everything that went wrong, he would be there to help me. So I struggled with my problems and gave college a chance. ”

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After graduating from high school, Bethany hoped that leaving home to study at university would be a turning point in her life, both physically and mentally. Strengthened by adversity, Bethany began to admit her obsession with the scales and sought help online through fitness forums; He eventually created an Instagram profile to follow fitness models as motivation and example. Ultimately, after seeing impressive transformation photos of female athletes, Bethany finally found the motivation to start her fitness journey. She soon started training at the gym, determined to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

Even though Bethany started training at the gym, she still didn’t have the confidence to start weight training. She realized that exercising in public was scary, and gradually lost her motivation to do cardio all the time. Determined to make her father proud, Bethany eventually succeeded in her fitness goals. She managed to muster the courage to start lifting weights in the gym, and this led to her making strong progress in the gym. After finding the right balance in her diet, Bethany is finally starting to see results from her hard work and is finally starting to achieve a physique she’s proud of. This not only boosted your self-esteem and confidence, but also instilled in him the drive to inspire others. She wanted those struggling with weight issues to know that they can truly make a difference by using fitness to be successful.

Encouraged by her transformation, Bethany began posting pictures and videos of her workouts using her Instagram profile (beth_fitnessUK) in hopes of reaching women embarking on their fitness journey. Within 1 year, Bethany’s story touched the hearts of the worldwide fitness community. They noticed his incredible physique and transformation, praised him and encouraged him to keep moving forward. Bethany had attracted a large number of followers not only on Instagram but also through her vlogs on YouTube. Ultimately, this paved the way for her success and internationally recognized as a social media fitness phenomenon. Bethany Tomlinson has 617k followers on Instagram with the username beth_fitnessuk.

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