Mountain Climber



Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber Things to pay attention

Focus on your abdominal muscles.
Pull your feet up to your stomach as much as possible.
Breath control affects your repetitions.
Make sure you stand straight.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
Mountain Climber move first to the lateral abdominal muscles. It is a movement that acts secondarily on the front leg muscles and thirdly on the shoulder, back arm, forearm and front abdominal muscles.

Mountain Climber How To

Get into a classic push-up or plank position.
If you want more abdominal work, if you want no plank development, if you want shoulders, front and back arms to be included, take a push-up position.
Once you have established your position, pull one foot towards your stomach. As you do this, focus on your abdominal muscles.
Pull your feet up as much as possible. Tighten your side belly.
After pushing this foot back, do the same with the other foot.
Breathe in when pulling and breathe out when pushing.
Do as many repetitions as you set and complete your sets.

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