Lateral Jump



Lateral Jump

Lateral Jump Things to pay attention

The back and spine should be straight.
The first fingertips should touch the ground.
You can add obstacles to complicate the movement.
Start by doing the exercise slowly.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
Lateral Jump movement

Lateral Jump How To

Take a fully upright position. Let your arms hang at your sides.
Tighten your abdominal muscles that will help you during the jump.
Bend your knees to get into the squat moment. You should distribute your body weight equally on both sides.
Make sure your back and spine are straight. Try not to lose form.
Hold for a few seconds while squatting. Transfer your body weight to your fingertip.
Push yourself up and to the right or left in the direction you want to jump.
Bend your knees when landing. Let the toes touch the ground first, then the heels.
Continue lateral jumps in the same direction or in opposite directions and complete the movement.

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