Lentil Salad Recipe


Now I will give you a recipe that you can use for lunch or dinner while on a diet. This will be a low-calorie salad. Indeed, it will be a salad that most people can easily get enough of. Let’s talk about the contents now.


4 tablespoons of yogurt
4 tablespoons of cooked lentils
1 grated cucumber
2 whole walnuts


We take a large glass container. The reason for this is so that you can easily confuse me. We put 4 spoons of yogurt in the middle. Then, we put the boiled green lentils on the side of the kneading, as 4 spoons. We take the grated cucumber and put it on the other side of the yogurt. Add the mint and salt to the yogurt. Mix thoroughly until the ingredients are combined. We spread our mixture in our bowl and cut our walnuts into small pieces and sprinkle them on our mixture. It’s sure to be an easy recipe that doesn’t require much effort. Bon Appetit.

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