Leg Press



Leg Press

Leg Press Things to pay attention

Pull your knees towards your body all the way.
Do not bend your waist and back throughout the movement.
Your back should be firmly against the machine.
At the end, your knees should be bent.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Leg Press movement first acts on the front leg muscles, secondarily on the hind leg muscles, and thirdly on the calf muscles.

Leg Press How To

Adjust the back of the machine to suit you.
Put on the weights that work for you and sit down.
Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing straight ahead.
Push the machine a little and unlock the guards.
Slowly lower the weight by breathing in. Never give up on your waist and back.
Pull your knees up to the end.
Exhale and start pushing the weight upwards. At the end, your knees should be slightly bent. If you do it upright and the weight is too much, it is inevitable that your kneecaps will be damaged.
When you reach the end point, hold for 1 second, breathe and lower the weight again.
Do as many repetitions as you set and complete your sets.

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