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What Is Hidetada Yamagishi Height?

Hidetada Yamagishi’s height is 168 centimeters.

What Is The Hidetada Yamagishi Weight?

Hidetada Yamagishi weighs 102kg.

Where is Hidetada Yamagishi from?

Hidetada Yamagishi is from Japan.

Hidetada Yamagishi Date of Birth

Hidetada Yamagishi was born on June 30, 1973.

How Old Is Hidetada Yamagishi?

Hidetada Yamagishi is 49 years old.

Hidetada Yamagishi Nicknames

Hidetada Yamagishi Nicknames: The Dragon, The Ultimate Warrior

Hidetada Yamagishi Biography and Life

Born and raised in the heart of Tokyo (Japan), Hidetada Yamagishi grew up with an interest in fitness; participating in baseball, football, gymnastics, and coastal kung fu from a very early age. He started playing rugby in his youth and managed to represent his school at the highest level. However, as he progressed in physical sports, Hidetada realized he needed muscle mass to continue competing with larger athletes. As a result, Hidetada joined the local gym and started lifting weights. At this point, he weighed only 58 pounds and was very thin for his age. But with hard work and determination, she managed to gain 23 pounds by the time she graduated from high school. Hidetada was very proud of his achievement. This was his motivation for leaving rugby behind to focus on bodybuilding. After Hidetada graduated from high school, she enrolled at Waseda University. He chose to study in Sports Nutrition to further his knowledge of fitness. His family encouraged him to concentrate on his studies. However, Hidetada Yamagishi had only one goal in mind.

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To be a professional bodybuilder. As a result, Hidetada made serious progress in his physique, laying the foundations for a strong, fragmented physique. In his second year of college, at the age of 19, he had already won his first bodybuilding show (national university championships). In his last year, he successfully managed to protect this title. She has made a name for herself as a rising star in Japan. At the age of 25, Hidetada entered her first official competition – the 1998 JBBF Japan Nationals. Hidetada finished 2nd in the middleweight division impressively. This gave him the motivation he needed to pursue a career as a bodybuilder.

Over the next 3 years, Hidetada appeared in 8 more shows and gained more experience as an athlete. He has made it to the top three many times, but his biggest success came in 2001. That year, Hidetada won the IFBB Asian Amateur Championship award after finishing 1st. But that wasn’t the only thing he took home. Hidetada became the first Japanese IFBB Pro to win the Pro Card by winning this competition. In 2007 Hidetada, after finishing 3rd at the IFBB Sacramento Pro Championship that year, won the Mr. She qualified for the Olympia show. By doing so, he became the first Japanese to appear at the Olympia in sports history. Hidetada Yamagishi has 267k followers on Instagram with the username hideyamagishi.

Competitions and Awards Won by Hidetada Yamagishi


JBBF Japan Nationals, Middleweight -2nd


IFBB Asian Amateur Championship, Light Middleweight – 2nd.


JBBF Mr. Japan – 3.

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IFBB World Amateur Championship, Welterweight – 6th.


IFBB Asian Amateur Championship, Light Middleweight – 1.

JBBF Mr. Japan – 2.

JBBF Japan Nationals – 1.

World Games, Middleweight – 5.


Asian Games, Light Middleweight – 4.

JBBF Mr. Japan – 3.

JBBF Japan Nationals, Middleweight – 1.

IFBB World Amateur Championship, Welterweight – 10.


IFBB Ironman Pro


IFBB Grand Prix Austria – 12.

IFBB Grand Prix Netherlands – 4th.

IFBB Grand Prix Romania – 6th.

IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational – Not Placed

IFBB San Francisco Pro Invitation Card – 11.

IFBB Santa Susanna Pro – 12.


IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational – 7.

IFBB Arnold Classic – 13th place

IFBB Atlantic City Pro – 9th place

IFBB Olympia – 13.

IFBB Grand Prix Australia – 5th.

IFBB Sacramento Pro Championship – 3rd.


IFBB Atlantic City Pro – 9th place


IFBB Ironman Pro Invitation Card – 4th place

IFBB European Champions Show – 2.

IFBB Olympia – 9th place


IFBB Olympia – 10.

Arnold Classic – IFBB, 8th

New York Pro Championship – IFBB, Open, 2.

European Champions Show – IFBB, open, 1st place

Orlando Show of Champions – IFBB, Open, 10th place

Phoenix Pro – IFBB, Open, 2.


IFBB Phoenix Pro – 2.

IFBB Pro Weekly Bodybuilding Championship (aka Tampa Pro) – 2nd.

IFBB Mr. Olympia – 10.


NPC Lansing Grand Prix – NP

IFBB PBW Tampa Pro – 3.

IFBB Dallas Europa Super Show – 2nd place

IFBB Olympia Weekend – 15. IFBB

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Arnold Classic Europe – 12.

IFBB British Grand Prix – 8th


IFBB Arnold Classic – 5.


IFBB Arnold Classic 212 category – 4th.


IFBB Arnold Classic 212 category – 2nd.


IFBB Arnold Classic 212 category – 1st.

IFBB Olympia – 6.


IFBB Arnold Classic 212 category – 6.

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