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What Is Steven Cao’s Height?

Steven Cao’s height is 178 centimeters.

What Is Steven Cao’s Weight?

Steven Cao weighs 85kg.

Where is Steven Cao from?

Steven Cao is American.

Steven Cao Date of Birth

Steven Cao was born on November 21, 1994.

How Old Is Steven Cao?

Steven Cao is 28 years old.

Steven Cao Biography and Life

Steven Cao initially started weight training for basketball. Growing up, Steven loved to spend time on the basketball court. So much so that he planned to earn money from sports. However, at the age of 16, Steven realized that he needed to gain more strength to compete in basketball. As a result, he continued to sign up at the nearest gym he could find, where he started training with weights.

This is where Steven’s life takes a different direction. The results he saw from weight training triggered his decision to quit basketball and then started bodybuilding. Steven created a training plan that he followed several days a week. He was pushing his physical progress even further.

However, after a while, Steven hit a rock in his bodybuilding transformation. His muscles no longer grew as much as they did in the beginning. As a result, Steven began experimenting with different methods and ways to continue growing in his physique.

After months of trial and error, Steven finally understood why he wasn’t growing so fast anymore. The problem was his diet. As soon as he increased his calories, Steven’s physique began to grow again. A few years after perfecting his diet and exercise plan, Steven had a great physique. But that wasn’t enough for Steven, he wanted to compete in bodybuilding shows. Soon after, Steven found a coach and started preparing for his first bodybuilding show.

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The preparation process was not easy for Steven. Steven faced a physical problem and had surgery. This surgery caused Steven to abstain from weights for three months. But Steven has weathered it all to come back stronger than ever. Not only did he regain all of his muscle, he impressed everyone by placing #1 at the 2016 NPC John Kemper Classic, the Men’s Physique bodybuilding startup.

Shortly after his debut in the John Kemper Classic, Steven took the stage once again. This time it was at the 2016 National Championships where Steven competed to win the Pro Card. Unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful. But the result did not discourage Steven. He continued to train hard at the gym all year and took a break from competing to focus on earning the Pro Card at the 2017 National Championships. The dedication paid off. Steven, 2017 Jr. with Pro Card in hand. He took first place overall at the National Championship. Now that Steven had earned his Pro card, he could compete against the best Male Physique bodybuilders in the world. His professional debut was the same year he won the National Championship in 2017. The show’s name was San Jose Pro, and Steven placed 4th in the Men’s Physique division.

Alongside his successful endeavors in bodybuilding, Steven has also grown in recognition on the internet. He shared his entire bodybuilding journey on his social media profiles. As a result, it was greatly appreciated. After seeing so many fans supporting him, Steven decided to become a personal trainer. Through his fitness and lifestyle advice, Steven has helped others get strong, fit and healthy ever since.

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“If you’re on an unobstructed road, it probably isn’t getting you anywhere. Challenges need to be overcome to make you stronger. Focus on pursuing that dream you want and be consistent and it will yield a great result. ”



John Kemper Classic, NPC Men’s Physique Class B, 1st place

John Kemper Classic, NPC Men’s Physics Novice Class A, 1st place

Universe Championship, NPC Men’s Physique Class B, 6th place

National Championships, NPC Men’s Physique Class C, 6th place


jr. National Championship, NPC Men’s Physique, 1st place

San Jose Pro, IFBB Men’s Physique, 4th place

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