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What is Isabela Fernandez’s Height?

Isabella Fernandez’s height is 164 centimeters.

What is Isabella Fernandez’s Weight?

Isabella Fernandez weighs 50kg.

Where is Isabela Fernandez from?

Isabela Fernandez is from England.

Isabela Fernandez Date of Birth

Isabella Fernandez was born on April 17, 1998.

How Old Is Isabela Fernandez?

Isabella Fernandez is 24 years old.

Isabela Fernandez Biography and Life

Isabela Fernandez is a British fitness model and social media phenomenon. She gained popularity with her fitness workout videos as well as attractive photos where she showcased her fit physique. Isabela’s fitness journey began in 2014. Unhappy with the appearance of her physique, Isabela began working hard at the gym. With the support of her friends and family, as well as her own determination, Isabela eventually developed an extraordinary body. He also started a brand new career during this period. She has become one of the UK’s leading female fitness models. İsabela Fernandez has 1.2m followers on Instagram with the username belafernandez. You can check out the training videos on his Instagram account.

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