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What is Natasha Aughey’s Height?

Natasha Aughey’s height is 168 centimeters.

What is Natasha Aughey’s Weight?

Natasha Aughey weighs 56-61kg.

Where is Natasha Aughey from?

Natasha Aughey is Canadian.

Natasha Aughey Date of Birth

Natasha Aughey was born in 1993.

How Old Is Natasha Aughey?

Natasha Aughey is 29 years old.

Natasha Aughey Biography and Life

Born in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), Natasha Aughey had a passion for fitness even as a child. She played many sports like football and led a healthy lifestyle. She was in high school when she entered the gym. Natasha started doing cardio but hadn’t lifted any weights at this point. After several years of working out in the gym, Natasha had fallen in love with fitness.

But she realized she hadn’t made much progress in her physique. While she was losing weight and building a lean figure, there was no shaping she did. At this point, she began to seek advice from more experienced athletes in the gym. She was encouraged to start lifting weights to sculpt her dream physique. With an effective workout routine and diet plan, it didn’t take long for Natasha to sculpt her body. Thanks to her great genetics, she has also managed to add lean muscle mass and build a strong physique.

His thick legs, muscular shoulders and tight waist made him stand out in the fitness community. His friends encouraged him to create a social media profile and share his journey online. Natasha first started social media on Instagram in 2013 and was almost instantly recognized for her amazing figure. Over the next 3 years, Canadian has amassed a large number of followers online. She was admired for her hard work at the gym. Natasha had become a fitness icon and social media phenomenon at the age of 23 in 2016. Natasha Aughey has 1.3 million followers on Instagram with the username natashaughey_ .

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