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What Is Michie Peachie’s Height?

Michie Peachie’s height is 172 centimeters.

What Is Michie Peachie’s Weight?

Michie Peachie weighs 65kg.

Where is Michie Peachie from?

Michie Peachie is American.

Michie Peachie Date of Birth

Michie Peachie was born on March 1, 1992.

How Old Is Michie Peachie?

Michie Peachie is 30 years old.

Michie Peachie Biography and Life

Michie Peachie is an American fitness model of Korean origin. She has been on the rise since she started uploading photos of her curvy and aesthetic body to social media in 2016. Michie has been involved with fitness since her early days, saying her genetics were written to stay fit. In his own words; “I was born passionate. The doctor who delivered me said I have more muscle tone than any baby he’s ever seen.” He is an extremely devoted individual who strives to improve himself in every aspect of his life, both inside and outside the gym. As someone who loves and is passionate about animals, he wants to buy a dog farm after establishing his fitness empire. With his incredible physique and charisma, Michie has won the hearts of both men and women around the world. Michie has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. “I am a mini bodybuilder. I was born fragmented and have been making gains ever since. Strong people lift each other up. ” Michie Peachie has 1.3m followers on Instagram with the username michie_peachie.

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