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What is Mairis Briedis Height?

Mairis Briedis is 186 centimeters tall.

What’s the Mairis Briedis Weight?

Mairis Briedis weighs kg.

Mairis Briedis wing opening

The Mairis Briedis wingspan is 191 centimeters.

Mairis Briedis Weight Category

Mairis Briedis makes a small heavyweight cruiser.

Where’s Mairis Briedis from?

Mairis Briedis is Latvian.

Mairis Briedis Date of Birth

Mairis Briedis was born on January 13, 1985.

How old is Mairis Briedis?

Mairis Briedis is 37 years old.

Mairis Briedis Nickname

The nickname of Mairis Briedis is the Latvian Punishery.

Mairis Briedis Score

Mairis Briedis score 19 is knockout 27 wins, 1 losses.

Mairis Briedis Biography and life

Mairis Briedis, born 13 January 1985, is a Lithuanian boxer. He has 3 heavyweight boxing championships. Since 20202, the IBF has held the WBC titles in 2017-2018 and the WBO belts in 2019. During his career, many notable boxers have fought, and in 2020, he was named the best active boxer in the world in the “cruiserweight” category by BoxRev and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. At the age of 24, he made the transition from Lithuanian Police officer to professional boxing. He has won many matches both in his home country and abroad. Briedis’ first win came in Russia, where he faced former heavyweight boxer Manuel Charr. Briedis knocked out his opponent with a single hit in the 5th round. He also knocked out Olanrewaju to win the WBC silver belt in 2016. Perhaps the most important match and only defeat of Briedis’ career came from Usky in 2018. According to CompuBox statistics, Usyk hit 212 (25%) out of 848 punches and Briedis was more accurate, hitting 195 (33.7%) out of 579 hits. However, after the 4th round, Usky won the fight, which he started to dominate, and gave Briedis his first defeat. Briedis’ boxing career is 27 wins in 28 matches (19 by knockout). Mairis Briedis has 92.5k followers on Instagram with the username mairisbriedis.

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