Andre Ferguson


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What Is Andre Ferguson’s Height?

Andre Ferguson’s height is 175 centimeters.

What Is Andre Ferguson’s Weight?

Andre Ferguson weighs 84-89kg.

Where Is Andre Ferguson From?

Andre Ferguson is American.

Andre Ferguson Date of Birth

Andre Ferguson was born in 1985.

How Old Is Andre Ferguson?

Andre Ferguson is 37 years old.

Andre Ferguson Biography and Life

Andre Ferguson is an IFFB Pro athlete from the United States. He first began competing in the NPC East USA competition in 2013. To everyone’s surprise, he turned the competition upside down and took 1st place. Andre has made progress in bodybuilding every year and has shown everyone that he is a tough competitor. With no sign of Andre Ferguson slowing down, he continues to shine and inspire the world of fitness enthusiasts. Andre Ferguson has 879k followers on Instagram with the username luckylibra213.

Andre Ferguson Contests and Awards Won

2019     IFBB       Mr. Olympia                                                                     2.
2019     IFBB       Arnold Classic Ohio                                                         1.
2018     IFBB       Mr. Olympia                                                                      5.
2018     IFBB       Arnold Classic Ohio                                                         1.
2017     IFBB       Mr. Olympia                                                                       2.
2017     IFBB       New York Pro                                                                     1.
2017     IFBB       Pittsburgh Pro                                                                    2.
2017     IFBB       Arnold Classic Ohio                                                           2.
2016     IFBB       Mr. Olympia                                                                        5.
2016     IFBB       New York Pro                                                                      2.
2016     IFBB       Arnold Classic Ohio                                                           5th.
2015     IFBB       Mr. Olympia                                                                         12.
2014     IFBB       NPC Nationals                                                                       1.

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