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What’s Thomas DeLauer Height?

Thomas DeLauer is 178 centimeters tall.

What’s Thomas DeLauer Weight?

Thomas DeLauer weighs 83-89kg.

Where’s Thomas DeLauer from?

Thomas DeLauer is American.

Thomas DeLauer Date of Birth

Thomas DeLauer was born on may 6, 1988.

How old is Thomas DeLauer?

Thomas DeLauer is 34 years old.

Thomas DeLauer Biography and life

Thomas Delauer grew up in a family that promoted health and activity, which naturally made him extremely active in his early years. As a teenager, Thomas lived abroad in Italy, where he studied art history. At that time, he became fascinated with the human body and started going to the gym.

He already had an athletic background and a great physique, but after spending more time exercising and eating healthy foods, Thomas saw that his body had radically changed and said: “I fell in love with sculpting a physique and realized that I could really put all the hard work and dedication into something that could tell a story and inspire others.”

Back in the US, Thomas took some time off from the gym and started looking for other activities he could do. Rugby was something Thomas was passionate about since childhood, so he decided to give it a try by joining the high school team. It didn’t take long before he impressed everyone on the team with his skills and eventually became an all-star rugby player.

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The diversity of his interests led Thomas to pursue one of his passions, long-distance running. Needless to say, he excelled in both running and rugby and said he still felt something was missing.

Finally, when he got back to the gym and realized that this was his true passion, he concluded that fitness was something he had been looking for all along. As Thomas adapted to his fitness lifestyle once again, he also started his first job, which turned out to be very successful. But during this time, Thomas was so focused on his work that he almost completely forgot about exercising and eating right, which eventually led to him becoming overweight.

According to Thomas, her weight gain initially didn’t bother her because she was completely focused on work and earning an income, but as time went on her health began to deteriorate and that’s when she realized she needed to change her lifestyle. He started getting back to the gym and eating properly, and within a year Thomas had managed to lose almost 50kg.

Returning to his former form after losing the extra pounds, Thomas later became an internet sensation with his inspiring story, motivating other people in similar situations to take control of their own lives.

Since then, she has continued to be a writer and cover model for many well-known fitness and health magazines, as well as being a successful and successful entrepreneur.

Thomas constantly motivates people around the world and offers personal training advice for anyone looking to get in shape.

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Thomas DeLauer has 2.7 million subscribers on Youtube and 277 thousand followers on Instagram under the username thomasdelauer.

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