Chicken Shish Recipe


It is a candidate to be one of the most beautiful chicken recipes you make at home. It’s really nice when we can’t go out. It is both practical and delicious. If you are craving kebab-like dishes, you should try it. Depending on how much you want to eat, you can decide whether it is diet-friendly or not. Now let’s get started with our recipe.


600 grams chicken breast
6 green peppers
25-30 shallots
Here you can diversify the materials you will add bottles to, I used the ones I had.

Chicken Mix Ingredients

3 tablespoons of yogurt
1-2 tablespoons of oil or olive oil
1 tablespoon of homemade tomato paste
Salt, pepper, paprika, thyme


We take a large container for our mortar materials. We add our yoghurt, olive oil, tomato paste and spices into it and mix well. Putting olive oil is not something that is very necessary. Since breast meat is a dry type of meat, we added it to make it a little more oily. We slice the chicken thinly and find the mortar all over. We put the chicken in the fridge to rest, if you make it the night before, it will be a much better marinade. While the chicken is resting in the fridge, we clean and finely chop the pepper and onion. You can cut it long or small if you want. Then we put all the ingredients in bottles and put them in the preheated oven (I laid baking paper on the tray). It is known that the cooking time varies from oven to oven, we do not take it until it is thoroughly cooked. It will be better if you turn the skewers occasionally while cooking.

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