Barbell Bench Press


Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press Things to pay attention

The bar should be grasped slightly wider than shoulder-width apart in equal places.
Not getting into high weights if you don’t have a training partner.
Keeping the wrists straight with the arm while grasping the bar.
Going back and forth in the same direction while performing the movement.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Barbell Bench Press movement mainly works the chest and back arm muscles.

Barbell Bench Press How To Do

Ideal weights for the athlete are attached to the bar.
Lying on the coffee table, the feet are placed on the floor so that the whole upper body is on the table.
The arms are positioned slightly wider than the shoulders on the bar.
Wrists and arm should stay in line.
As you inhale, the bar is lowered towards the middle of the chest.
It is lifted when exhaling.
The bar should be lowered towards the chest, not towards the shoulder.
While applying the movement, care is taken not to deviate from the direction.

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