Cass Martin


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What’s Cass Martin Height?

Cass Martin is 165 centimeters tall.

What’s Cass Martin Weight?

Cass Martin weighs 61kg.

Where’s Cass Martin from?

CASS Martin is American.

Cass Martin Date of Birth

Cass Martin was born on April 22, 1990.

How old is Cass Martin?

CassMartin is 32 years old.

Cass Martin Biography and life

While Cass Martin has always grown naturally thin, she wasn’t a fitness buff as a kid. Also, she wasn’t the typical teenage girl. He was more interested in sports and had many different hobbies. After graduating from school, Cass started working for her boyfriend as a full-time construction worker. Cass has always been aware of the fitness industry. However, she only turned to fitness after seeing her female bodybuilding icon, Jamie Eason, on the cover of a magazine. It was the first time he had seen a muscular female physique and he immediately gained motivation to lose weight and gain muscle mass. At this point, Cass decided to build a physique similar to the fitness icon’s body. He started training at the gym at the age of 23. With the help of hard work, determination, and her fitness-obsessed boyfriend, Cass has made serious progress in her physique. After entering the world of bodybuilding, it didn’t take long for him to realize the legends of the sport. He watched a video of Ronnie Coleman lifting weights and was inspired by the brute strength of the Olympia legend.

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Fascinated by Ronnie’s strength and charisma, he knew he wanted to increase the weights he lifted. At this point, Cass began training with heavier weights to reach her new goal. A few months later, Cass’ passion for bodybuilding peaked and he fell in love with work. In his spare time, Cass started following the journey of fitness athletes on social media. She began to imitate female athletes like Dana Linn Bailey. Cass continued to improve his physique. Once she achieved her goal of building a strong physique, it wasn’t long before she became known for her aesthetics. At the beginning of 2016, Cass created an Instagram profile aimed at sharing her passion for fitness with others. But he did not expect such a spell. Almost immediately, he began to attract the attention of his fans. Many of his followers admired how muscular and strong he could stay feminine. Cass gained a large number of online followers at the end of 2016. As a result, she has become arguably one of the greatest female fitness femmes of the modern age. Because of his passion for bodybuilding, Cass is now admired on bodybuilding forums all over the internet. Cass Martin has 2.1m followers on Instagram with the username casssmartin.

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