Celia Gabbiani


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What’s Celia Gabbiani Height?

Celia Gabbiani is 156 centimeters tall.

What’s Celia Gabbiani Weight?

Celia Gabbiani weighs 57kg.

Where’s Celia Gabbiani from?

Celia Gabbiani is French.

Celia Gabbiani Birthday

Celia Gabbiani was born in 1990.

How old is Celia Gabbiani?

Celia Gabbiani is 32 years old.

Celia Gabbiani Full Name

Celia Gabbiani full name is Cecilia Gabbiani.

Celia Gabbiani Biography and life

Born in 1990 in Marmande, France, Celia Gabbiani was introduced to sports by her older sister when she was 6 years old. According to Cecilia, she doesn’t remember how it all started, but says she recognized the desire to compete at an early age. Celia started swimming with her sister at the age of 10 and started competing when she was 13. Eventually her sister gave up, but Celia continued to swim professionally for a few more years. Celia moved to Toulouse to earn her lifeguard diploma at the age of 19. During this time, she stopped participating in swimming competitions and began looking for work. He spent 3 years in Toulouse, gained experience in different fields and met new people. In addition to being a professional swimmer, Celia was a makeup artist at the time. While in Toulouse, Celia was applying for her driver’s license. He learned CrossFit from his trainer Erick Monoyer, who is the son of CrossFit trainer Patrick Monoyer, and told him it has the potential to be successful in the sport. Celia said that she has always been an adventurous person and likes to try everything, so she decided to give it a try. He started training at CrossFit Chin Menton under the guidance of Patrick, who started developing special programs for Celia. He said that thanks to his coach, he was able to progress quickly in all CrossFit workouts and is ready to compete soon. At 23, Celia forgot to swim as she focused on making CrossFit her top priority.

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Her first competition came 3 months later, in the Spring of 2013, and Celia realized she had a problem with heavy weights. He wasn’t used to weightlifting so he only managed to qualify for Throwdowns Europe. At this point, he joined a gym and started lifting heavier weights to reveal his weak spots and eventually win a strength contest. According to Celia, all of her strength training changed her body shape and her parents and friends weren’t very supportive of her transformation. At that time in his life, friends and family told him that he had become very muscular. That’s why he considered quitting the sport altogether. However, Celia continued training regardless of the comments and said; I said to myself, I will sacrifice myself. I prefer to have a more muscular body and I don’t know why a muscular girl can’t be feminine. “ Celia continued her competitions and achieved good results. He also started sharing his journey with his followers over the internet. In the future, Celia wants to be successful in CrossFit and be known worldwide, like one of her inspirations, Andrea Ager. Celia Gabbiani has 1m followers on Instagram with the username celiagabbiani.

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