Sweet Toast with Lavash Recipe


I will give you a recipe that you can prepare and eat both as a dessert and as a snack. It will be a very nice recipe and it is prepared in an extremely simple way. I suggest you all try it. Now let’s move on to the schedule.


1 piece of lavash
1 teaspoon peanut butter
1 square of bitters
Desired fruit slices


We take our lavash and make a cut from the middle point to the edge. The reason we do this is that when we fold it, it will be as if it were one piece. We put our peanut butter on a corner of our lavash. We arrange our fruits that we have sliced ​​on the other two sides. In the last part, we apply the dark chocolate that we have melted with the help of a saucepan and fold our lavash into one piece. Then, we put the folded lavash between the greaseproof paper and cook it in a toaster as if we were making toast. Our recipe is exactly that, you can easily prepare it at home. Bon Appetit.

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