Spiderman Push Up



Spiderman Push Up

Spiderman Push Up Things to pay attention

Head hips and feet should form a straight line.
Make sure to synchronize the movement.
Let your head always look at the ground.
Keep your abdominal muscles and hip muscles tight at all times.
Do not make your elbows fully straight to avoid stress on the joints.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
Spiderman Push Up movement primarily works the chest muscle, as well as the back arm, forearm, abdominal muscles and shoulder muscles.

Spiderman Push Up How To

Lie face down on the floor and straight.
Open your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart.
Inhale and begin to lower your chest downwards.
As you lower your chest down, lift your right foot and begin to pull the knee forward. Your right knee should reach your right elbow.
As you return your feet, begin to lift your body upwards by exhaling.
Do this move on the inside of your other leg.
Do as many repetitions as you have determined and end the movement.

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