Rob Lipsett


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What is Rob Lipsett’s Height?

Rob Lipsett’s height is 176 centimeters.

What is Rob Lipsett’s Weight?

Rob Lipsett weighs 80kg.

Where is Rob Lipsett from?

Rob Lipsett is Irish.

Rob Lipsett Date of Birth

Rob Lipsett was born on January 17, 1992.

How Old Is Rob Lipsett?

Rob Lipsett is 30 years old.

Rob Lipsett Biography and Life

At his school in Ireland, Rob Lipsett had a master passion that dominated his life. Rugby. He played sports almost every day throughout middle school and high school, so he was in the first team to play nationwide during his high school years. When he was just a school team, the sport was taken very seriously and Rob had to follow a serious training regimen that included fitness, conditioning and weight lifting. When Rob was in class, he says all his teammates hated brutal sessions, but he loved them. She says she likes to push herself to her limits, loves pain, and feels a real sense of accomplishment after finishing a good session.

As Rob began to see drastic improvements in his physique, he became more and more obsessed with being in the gym. At this point he says he quit rugby after playing 7 years in a row. Rob also decided to pursue an entirely new career. She took her personal training qualification and started working out with her clients at a local gym, loving every minute of helping other people achieve their fitness goals.

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During this time, Rob also set up his facebook account to attract potential customers and build a brand around his name. Soon, he says, his inbox filled with hundreds of people asking fitness-related questions and looking for training and meal plans. This inspired him to start uploading videos to YouTube to answer multiple questions at once and reveal his face at the same time. Eventually, he would start attracting tens of thousands of fans on his social media accounts. One of the main requests Rob received was for personalized training plans. Fans were desperate to know all the details of his routine, so he started writing and adding advice to his fans. At this point he started his eponymous website. Almost instantly, it received great support and began updating the site regularly to keep readers informed of its plans for the future.

By 2017, Rob had developed a huge fan base through his website, training plans, and motivational video posts. She had 149,000 fans on Instagram, her YouTube channel amassed a quarter of a million, and her other sites were doing the same. He saw this as the start of a career that could inspire many people to get fit and feel healthy. Rob Lipsett has 546k followers on Instagram with the username roblipsett and 470k subscribers on youtube.

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