Parker Egerton


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What’s Parker Egerton Height?

Parker Egerton is 188 centimeters tall.

What’s Parker Egerton Weight?

Parker Egerton weighs 93kg.

Where’s Parker Egerton from?

Parker Egerton is American.

Parker Egerton Date of Birth

Parker was born in Egerton history.

How old is Parker Egerton?

Parker is Egerton.

Parker Egerton Biography and Life

Since childhood, Parker Egerton has always respected people who can turn heads with their physical appearance. He wanted to look like a sixpack star in the movies. She started off modestly by modeling for small local agencies and trying to become more talented in sports. Parker played football in high school and college, and as he gradually lost his desire to pursue football after college, he began to seek other passions. He finally saw an opportunity in bodybuilding and fitness, and once he tried it, he loved it. Parker religiously worked on her body for years and eventually built her dream physique with months of hard work.

After years of idolizing his television screen heroes as a child, it was Parker who eventually became the same icon for other fitness lovers around the world. Her popularity skyrocketed when she started sharing pictures of her aesthetic body on her social media profiles. Shortly after his transformation, he was overwhelmed with requests from people who texted him for training advice and nutrition. He later realized that it was something he wanted to do for a living. Parker is now a renowned online trainer offering many programs, including training and nutrition plans. Parker Egerton has 521k followers on Instagram under the username parker_physique.

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