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What Is Roelly Winklaar Height?

Roelly Winklaar’s height is 168 centimeters.

What Is a Roelly Winklaar Weight?

Roelly Winklaar weighs 145kg.

Where is Roelly Winklaar from?

Roelly Winklaar is from Curacao.

Roelly Winklaar Date of Birth?

Roelly Winklaar was born on June 22, 1977.

How Old Is Roelly Winklaar?

Roelly Winklaar is 45 years old.

Roelly Winklaar Nicknames

Roelly Winklaar nicknames: The Dutch beast (Dutch Beast), The Beast (Monster), Samurai (Samurai)

Roelly Winklaar Biography and Life

Roelly Winklaar has always been interested in bodybuilding. He participated in amateur competitions in the Netherlands. The competition was ranked high because there were not many participants. Roelly Winklaar had no intention of turning pro at this time, but everything changed in 2004 after she was involved in a serious car accident that nearly took her life. After recovering from the hospital, she realized that she was wasting her potential by not pursuing a career in fitness. As a result, 27-year-old Roelly Winklaar decided to focus on earning a Pro Card.

Over the next 5 years, Roelly Winklaar worked diligently to gain volume while sculpting her lean physique. Roelly Winklaar’s lack of knowledge in fitness and nutrition limited her progress as an athlete. At this point, Roelly Winklaar began looking for a professional bodybuilding coach to take him to the next level.

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After asking countless respected bodybuilders at the gym who was the best trainer in Neverlands, she was consistently referred to Sybil, a former female bodybuilder and professional coach. Sybil agreed to coach him, and Roelly Winklaar soon showed drastic improvements in her physique and stage performance.

After making a name for herself in the amateur leagues, Roelly Winklaar attended and won the 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championship. After winning, he achieved his first goal, becoming a professional bodybuilder. This gave him the motivation he needed to keep progressing in the sport, and it wasn’t long before he reached another milestone.

In 2010, Roelly Winklaar scored his first professional trophy at the IFBB New York Pro competition, beating more established athletes like Hidetada Yamagishi and Dennis Wolf, his biggest victory ever.

This victory announced the Dutchman’s intentions to the rest of the world, and Roelly Winklaar was soon recognized as one of the most promising bodybuilders of his era.

Roelly Winklaar Competitions and Awards


Mr. Olympia – 6.


Arnold Sports Festival – 6.

Arnold Classic Australia – 6.

Olympia Weekend – 7

Arnold Classic Europe – 5.

EVLs Prague Pro – 6.

Nordic Pro – 2.


Wings of Strength Chicago Pro – 1.

Olympia Weekend – 12.

Arnold Classic Europe – 5th.

Dubai Pro – 3.

EVLs Prague Pro – 4th

San Marino Pro – 4th

Nordic Pro – 1.

2013 (IFBB)

Arnold Classic Europe – 6.

Olympia Weekend – 7

Wings of Strength Chicico Pro-AM Extravaganza – 1.

2012 (IFBB)

EZVLs Praque Pro Championship – 8th.

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British Grand Prix – 6.

Arnold Classic Europe – 3.

Sheru Classic – 4th

Olympia Weekend – 12.

Nordic Pro – 1.

Dallas Europa Supershow – 4th

PBW Tampa Pro – 4th

2011 (IFBB)

New York Pro – 9.

FIBO Power Pro Germany – 3.

Mr. European Grand Prix – 2.

British Grand Prix – 2

Arnold Classic – 8th

2010 (IFBB)

MrOlympia – 14.

New York Pro – 1.

Australian Pro Grand Prix X – 3rd place

Arnold Classic – 7th place

2009 (NPC)

NPC Arnold Amateur Championship – 1.

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