Power Clean



Power Clean

Power Clean Things to pay attention

Your back should be perfectly straight.
Your shins should be against the bar.
You have to do it synchronously.
You have to draw strength from your heels.
You should be straight upright with the bar on your shoulders.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In Power Clean movement, front leg muscles, hip muscles, neck muscles, shoulder muscles and spine muscles are also working. It is a movement that affects almost all body muscles.

Power Clean How To

Stand in a fully upright position behind the bar on which you attach the weights that are suitable for you.
Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
Lean your shins against the bar.
Bend at your hips and knees and grab the bar at shoulder distance.
Start with your hips down, your chest out, and your back straight.
Power through your heels and pull the bar straight up along the body to straighten your hips and knees.
Get into a quarter squat position as the bar crosses your waist and catch the bar over your shoulders.
Your hands should be under the bar and your elbows facing forward.
Straighten up completely with the bar and drop the bar to the ground.
Return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

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