Lat Pulldown



Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown Things to pay attention

Speed ​​is important in this movement. It is necessary to pull at a medium speed and release it slowly.
Focus on your back muscles throughout the exercise. Keep your upper body still.
If you do the movement backwards, you can lift heavier, but you will steal from muscle development.
Do not succumb to your ego, lifting heavy reduces your reps, which slows down your muscle growth.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In the pulldown movement, primarily the wing muscles, as well as the back and trapezius muscles work.

Lat Pulldown How To

Attach the wide grip bar to the machine. Choose the weight that suits you. Hold the bar slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with your palms facing forward.
Squeeze your legs into the knee pads. Knee pads should definitely touch your legs. There should be no gaps.
The upper body should be perpendicular to the ground at the moment of traction. Facilitating movement by tilting and lifting your upper body negatively affects your development. Use only your wing muscles in the moment of traction.
During traction, the waist should be flexed and the chest should be pushed forward.
On an exhale, pull the bar at a moderate pace until it’s a few inches above your chest.
When you reach the bottom, take a breath and swing the bar upwards at a slow speed.
Do as many repetitions as you want to do and finish your move.

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