Kneeling Cable Crunch



Kneeling Cable Crunch

Kneeling Cable Crunch Things to pay attention

Your arms should remain stationary.
Should not be supported from the waist.
You should not sit on your feet.
Just be careful to work out your abdominal muscles.
Breath control is very important.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In the Kneeling Cable Crunch movement, the abdominal muscles work at a high level.

Kneeling Cable Crunch How To

Pull the reel to the top on the cable machine.
Attach the rope to the cable and choose the weight that suits you. You can choose a low weight because you will be doing more repetitions.
Get on your knees and hold the rope with both hands above your head.
Fixing your arms to your head will help you prevent them from moving.
When you are kneeling, your upper leg should be perpendicular to the floor and you should not be sitting on your feet.
You should only work your abs while pulling the cable down. You should not get support from the waist.
Exhale and bend down using your abdominal muscles until the end.
When you reach the bottom, take a breath and go up to the 2nd repetition without your torso upright.
Quick repetitions are important, don’t lose your breath control.
You can understand that you are working correctly from the burning sensation, if there is no burning, there is a problem in your movement form.
Do as many reps as you set and end the movement.

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