Katya Elise Henry


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Katya Elise Henry What is Her Height?

Katya Elise Henry’s height is 158 centimeters.

Katya Elise Henry What is Her Weight?

Katya Elise Henry weighs 58kg.

Where is Katya Elise Henry from?

Katya Elise Henry is American.

Katya Elise Henry Date of Birth

Katya Elise Henry was born on June 14, 1994.

How Old Is Katya Elise Henry?

Katya Elise Henry is 28 years old.

Katya Elise Henry Biography and Life

Katya Elise Henry spent her youth training being a cheerleader, saying that she was always fit and healthy. However, while he enjoyed this sport, he was never entirely happy with the body it gave him. She always wanted to have a toned and curvy physique. Cheerleading workouts took a lot of time and focused heavily on cardio. This prevented him from gaining muscle at the gym as he couldn’t keep up his calorie surplus. That’s why she decided to quit cheerleading altogether. Katya knew exactly what she wanted to look like when she quit cheerleading, but she didn’t know where to start. Fortunately for Katya, her mother was someone with years of experience. He took Katya under his wing and taught her new techniques at the gym. “I was blessed with a wonderful mother who is fortunately a personal trainer,” Katya says. The more Katya learned from her mother about proper nutrition, supplementation and lifting weights, the more she fell in love with the sport.

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He enjoyed the planning that went into creating an effective exercise plan, as well as the results it produced as he progressed. During this time, Katya also started using social media. She uploaded photos of her first progress on Instagram. Toned hips and abs immediately became popular. After gaining this reputation, she told her online followers that she hopes to influence them to become better with her posts. He loved watching his own progress while looking at his photos, describing all the benefits of working out in the gym 4 days a week. Katya enjoyed seeing this progress so much that she inspired her friends and family to train and build their bodies in the gym. After hearing positive feedback, she was inspired to pursue this passion, seeing personal training as her new career goal.

Katya said, “Seeing progress in others is more satisfying than seeing my own progress!” Said. He enjoyed all aspects of the personal trainer lifestyle; keeping fit, making new friends and teaching techniques. While Katya greatly enjoyed being at the gym with her clients and friends, she didn’t have enough time to exercise every day. Therefore, she decided to become an online personal trainer. “I dreamed of being an online trainer and positively impacting thousands of people all over the world, but it was a big dream for a little girl from Miami!” Katya Elise Henry has 7.9m followers on Instagram with the username katyaelisehenry. and 541 thousand followers with the username workouts_by_katya.

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