Machine Shoulder Press



Machine Shoulder Press

Machine Shoulder Press Things to pay attention

Sit back fully.
Your hands should be at your chin level.
Open your feet wide.
Do not lock the elbows, it will steal from the movement.
Make the negative slower is important for development.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
The Machine Shoulder Press movement first works the shoulder muscles and secondarily the back arm and chest muscles.

Machine Shoulder Press How To

Adjust the weight and seat that suits you.
When you grasp the handles of the machine, the hands should be at the level of the chin and the palms should be facing outwards.
Keep your back and head fully flat. Let your head just look straight ahead. You can open your feet wide.
Exhale and start pushing up and do not lock the elbows at the top.
When you reach the peak, start lowering more slowly by breathing in.
When your hands are at your chin level, do not wait and start pushing again by exhaling.
Do as many reps as you set and finish your movement.

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